Buzzman Launches Productman, Another Sign That Brand Innovation Is Ripe for Agency Growth

In case you had any doubt that agencies are looking to become known as much for inventing products as creating ads, French agency Buzzman has launched sister agency Productman, a "business invention studio" dedicated to helping brands create new products and services.

3 Reasons Agencies Struggle to Truly Invent and What They Can Do to Change That

I'm an inventor and proud.

Is This the World’s First Unstealable Bike?

For decades, urban cyclists have been seeking the ultimate bike lock, only to find each one's vulnerabilities eventually demonstrated on YouTube. But what if the answer were in the bike itself?

This Hair Clip Can Saw Rope, Tighten Screws and Measure (Tiny) Things

The MacGyver of hair clips has been created. Not only does it keep your hair from falling in your face during Pilates, but it's also a flat-head screwdriver, ruler, wrench and teeny-tiny saw.Oh, and it's ... kind of ugly.

Students Design a Better Box, and Millions Watch the Results on YouTube

Henry Wang and Chris Curro, students at Cooper Union's Albert Nerken School of Engineering, deliver a Boxing Week viral smash in support of their Rapid Packing Container, a cardboard box that's easy to assemble, open and recycle.

Adweek Project Isaac Launches to Celebrate Invention

As the media, marketing and technology sectors continue to transform at a rapid pace, genuine invention, rather than innovation, has become crucial to advancing brands and businesses past the inertia of traditional models and modes.