SapientNitro Interns Make ‘Ugly Foods’ Desirable With This Online Game

Twenty-six percent of all produce will be tossed in the trash before even reaching grocery store shelves. That's mostly because it's oddly shaped and, well, kind of ugly. SapientNitro's nine summer interns argue in a new online awareness campaign that perfection isn't everything.

3 Agency Interns Have a Plan to Get More Women Into Google’s Image Results for ‘CEO’

Search for "CEO" on Google Images, and you'll find only a handful of the first 100 results include female faces. Of those, one is a stock photo and another is ... CEO Barbie. A 2015 study by CNNMoney found that 14.2 percent of leadership positions in the S&P 500 are held by women, and according to nonprofit Catalyst, only 4 percent of top companies are currently led by female chief executives. To help change Google's own male-dominated portrayal of CEOs, three aspiring agency professionals working their way through BBH's internship program, The Barn, want to change that fact with the help of some strategic SEO magic.

This Agency’s Summer Interns Imagined What Brands Will Look Like on Snapchat in 2020

Intern season is in full swing, and agencies are increasingly finding their newest summer hires on Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram.

Why This Agency Is Taking a Tiny Version of Itself to College Campuses This Spring

The recruiting of summer interns is in full swing, and Minneapolis agency Solve might have the cleverest (and cutest) solution to finding eager would-be advertising practitioners. Solve took a miniature version of itself—lobby, collaborative workspace, conference room—on the road to colleges around the Midwest. And it gave potential interns "try-outs" consisting of five-minute job assignments, to get a sense of who'd be the best fit to actually come to Minneapolis this summer and do the interning for real. 

Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam Turns Its Office Into a Crash Pad for Interns

Advertising students and recent graduates who are hungry for a taste of agency experience—but also itching for adventure—can pay for their next trip to Amsterdam with talent and hard work. 

Havas Chicago Is Loaning Out Its Summer Interns to Local Businesses That Need Them

I asked Havas Worldwide Chicago to #GimmeAnIntern for this post. The agency sent me three.

Has This Creepy Guy From Mother New York Been Stalking Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you noticed a man named Donald Buscando looking at your LinkedIn profile?

Most Adorable Résumé Ever? Aspiring Intern Pitches Lego Version of Herself to Agencies

Usually it's the young designers and copywriters who create awesomely creative new ways to apply for internships. This time, oddly enough, it's someone looking for a spot in account management. A young woman named Leah created a Lego-esque model of herself and sent it out to her "dream advertising agencies" as an internship application. "Build the perfect Account Service intern," announces the headline on her packet. The introduction letter goes on to describe her skills as a good listener, people person and multitasker. "I wanted a fun way to stand out to agencies and get my résumé out of the trash can," she notes in a photo gallery on Imgur. "I've always loved LEGO and I created this set to highlight my creativity, skills and initiative." It may take a bit of time to hear back from employers, but she definitely seems to have fans online. Her photo of the finished product shot to the top of Reddit's front page today, sparking more than 2,000 comments. (The top-voted response was from someone who Photoshopped her toy model into a real, modular office environment and noted, "You'll fit right in in the agency world." Here are the detail shots Leah posted to her Imgur gallery:

World-Traveling Copywriter Will Work for Free in Exchange for Room and Board

Need some copywriting help with an international flair? Does your hiring budget consist solely of expired Clif Bars and six coupons for Vitaminwater? If so, I've got good news: You can still hire Mark van der Heijden.

Advertising Student Ships His Pants to Kmart’s Agency, Lands Internship

If you can ship your pants skillfully and creatively, you have a good chance of working at Kmart's ad agency, Draftfcb. The agency said today that it has brought in a new intern in large part because of his pants-shipping abilities. Alf Zapata shipped his actual pants and résumé to Draftfcb's recruiting department. That got him an interview; his "portfolio, witty humor and enthusiasm" got him the internship, the agency says. This raises the possibility that you could get an internship at Y&R in New York simply by apologizing and then acting superior. More images below.