Datsun’s Revival Won’t Be a Nostaglia Play

Nostalgia won’t play a role in the marketing behind Datsun’s 2014 comeback.

If You Don’t Use a Paper Toilet-Seat Cover, You’re Basically Sitting on Someone’s Hairy Butt

It's Friday, so here's an ad from Indonesia graphically illustrating the perils of not using a Hygienex disposable paper toilet-seat cover. "Save yourself from bad ass," says the copy. I don't know. Seems kind of alarmist.

LinkedIn Hits Big Milestone; Brands Could Flock Next

LinkedIn has surpassed 200 million users, the firm announced today, while breaking out where they live for the benefit of advertisers and curious tech watchers.

Ken Tells Barbie to Stop Killing Trees

Mattel employees were treated to a spectacle yesterday at the company’s California headquarters.

AT&T Wins Operating License for Indonesia

AT&T announced today that it received a license to operate in Indonesia, making the telecom giant the first multinational corporation of its kind to be granted such permission.

This drunk-driving PSA ends with a bang

Even in the oft-jarring, frequently sickening category of road-safety PSAs, Advance Advertising in Jakarta manages to shock with this 45-second effort for broadcaster QTV. You could complain that the buildup […]