This Agency VP’s Dream? Launch a Graphic Novel Celebrating ‘Badass Female Spies’

It's the last days of World War II. Cities are in ruins, and everyone—especially any Nazi hoping to escape retribution—is trying to get to anywhere that's not Europe. How will they escape? One word: Ratlines.

How an Italian Agency Cleverly Imitates Silicon Valley to Fund Entrepreneurs in Uganda

If you took a trip to Bulambuli Valley in Uganda, you would stumble upon a small town filled with entrepreneurs. The people there are not unlike those you would find in Silicon Valley—hardworking, innovative individuals risking everything to bring their brilliant ideas to life.

The Millennial Male Is Not Who You Think He Is

It’s the best time in the world to be a millennial man, to hear baby boomers tell it—let your parents or your girlfriend pay the rent, maybe start a useless tech company, watch marketers trip over themselves trying to reach you.

Brands Are Discovering Crowdfunding as a Marketing Tool

Since launching in 2008, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has become known as the provenance of creative types, scrappy startups and charitable campaigns. But now, big brands are seizing on it as a way to align themselves with popular causes.