Imgur Plans to Dive Into Promoted Posts in 2015

Imgur doesn't just want to be the online destination for people to look at memes: It wants to be the place brands call home as well. To further appeal to marketers, newly hired vp of market development Steve Patrizi said the image-sharing platform will likely launch Promoted Posts in July 2015.

Google OKs Images on Sponsored Search Results

Google will allow advertisers to include images alongside sponsored search results, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

Publishers Are in Love With This New Photo Platform

In a world where half of Facebook posts are now images, Web editors swoon over responsive design and brands place photos in tweets, it’s clear the Internet has become a more visual place.

Pongr Picks Up Israeli Startup Sightec

As more of the Internet’s real estate becomes populated with pictures, companies are racing to develop computer vision technology that can pick out objects in an image and convert them into data to be used for ad targeting, among other possibilities.

Curalate Pairs Pinterest, Instagram Analytics

Over the past year or so, images have become social marketing’s breakout currency. Pinterest played a heavy role in that shift, as did Instagram’s surging popularity and its acquisition by Facebook.

Voice: Moving Pictures

Let’s officially call 2012 the Year of the Imagesphere. To review: Facebook says its users upload more than 300 million photos per day (up from 31 million in 2009). To support this massive interest in photo sharing, the company acquired Instagram in April for $1 billion.