McDonald’s Invented This Clever Takeout Bag That’s Also a Tray

Here's a nifty invention for people brave enough to eat McDonald's—the new "BagTray" from DDB Budapest.

Singer Is Photoshopped From Regular Girl to Pop Star in This Incredible Music Video

Well, this is just all sorts of amazing. Taking the time-lapsed Photoshopping of Dove's "Evolution" to a new level, Hungarian singer Boggie has created a music video in which she is digitally retouched from normal girl into glamorous pop star.

Whole New Ad Campaign Devoted to Reminding People That Bucharest Is Not Budapest

Bucharest is many things. But one thing it is certainly not is Budapest. That's because Bucharest is the capital of Romania, and Budapest is the capital of neighboring Hungary. You could easily confuse them, of course, which is why Romanian candy bar ROM is out to end the confusion once and for all—with a new ad campaign from McCann Bucharest and MRM Romania.

Ad of the Day: Herbaria Tea

This new spot for the latest game in EA's Dead Space series really captures the visceral horror of the video-game franchise's sickest, most disgusting … wait, hold on.I'm sorry, this is an ad for herbal tea.