Human Centipede

Why the Ad Business Is Like the Human Centipede, Part 2

Whit Hiler is extremely, disturbingly obsessed with The Human Centipede. The Kentucky adman and beardvertising pioneer, who once posted a fake flier to Reddit inviting people to reenact scenes from the movie ("Just for fun. Guys only"), also teamed up with co-worker Jason Kaufmann last Halloween to create the "Ad Agency Human Centipede Infograph." The handy chart explained how creativity in advertising, from brief to finished ad, is basically one long, unsavory multiple-ass-to-mouth digestive process. Now, Hiler and Kaufmann are back with a sequel—or a second sequence, if you like: "Ad Agency Human Centipede Infograph Part 2." The sequel celebrates the hottest new trends in advertising, like native advertising and real-time marketing, and the hottest new job titles, from director of emerging media to senior chief culturist to senior listologist. Behold the horror below.

‘Human Centipede II’ Poster Is ‘100% Medically Inaccurate’

When the best you can say about a film is that it's "intentionally controversial," it probably sucks. The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) fits neatly into this category, but the poster is a huge improvement over the first movie's. Not that the first one was bad, but the sequel's is more abstract and interesting, and more organic than the HR Giger comparisons would have you think (a Giger poster would be a robot spine having sex with something). Even this poster, as cool as it is, is topped by one linked in the Slashfilm comments and credited to the commenter's local theater. Bravo. I wish the movie was worth all this effort, but here we are. Larger versions of all three posters after the jump.