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Johnnie Walker Pours Into Tech With HuffPost Live Sponsorship

Alcohol and technology may not seem like two topics that naturally fit together (at least in terms of ad partnerships), but Johnnie Walker is investing heavily in sponsored content that appeals to the techie crowd.

The U.N. Is Becoming Quite the Social Media Butterfly

For World Humanitarian Day this past Tuesday, the United Nations decided to partner with a news organization to help get the message out about the need for humanitarian aid around the globe.

MillerCoors Tries to Tap Into Millennial Male Minds With HuffBros Live

If you understand bro speak, HuffBros Live wants you to pull up a seat in front of a digital screen near you.

Tim Armstrong: AOL Aims to Wise Up the Online Ad Space

AOL chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong on Thursday told Adweek that the wealth of available consumer data will help the industry evolve beyond attributing the bulk of advertising value to last-click data to measuring total exposures to conversions.

Arianna Huffington Talks International Expansion

The Huffington Post has been on a whirlwind of international expansion. Today, 40 percent of its audience comes from outside the U.S., and according to its namesake president and editor in chief, more than half of the world’s GDP has its own HuffPost.

HuffPost Live Partners With Citi for First Music Series

As The Huffington Post's HuffPost live enters its second year, the video network is launching its first substantial foray into live music.

HuffPost Live Will Experiment With More Regularly Scheduled Programming—Like TV

As HuffPost Live enters its second year—its first birthday was earlier this week—the fledgling video news network may look to establish a Web version of appointment TV with more regularly scheduled programming, said Roy Sekoff, president of HuffPost Live and

Inside AOL’s Live Experiment

Past the buzzy control room, the group of hopeful audition-awaiting actors, the wannabe news readers and a table of untouched sandwiches, a leggy Taekwondo champion is trying to kick her co-star in the face without exposing her underwear. She fails.On Take 2, Angel (as she calls herself) guards her skirt as she uncorks an impressive leg kick, just missing her co-anchor Dennis in the head. For effects purposes, he immediately dons a green mask—which on camera will make it look as if Angel took his head off.It’s day two of the auditions for AOL Anchor Quest, which brought a thousand dreamers to AOL’s studios in New York where they tried out to become AOL's newest on-camera stars—all part of the company's grand experiment in launching live programming and possibly a second full-fledged live network. Just after Angel and Dennis depart, another would-be Kelly Ripa who seriously resembles Anne Hathaway takes her turn reading headlines on a missing boat in New Zealand and the release date for the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Social Media Editors Debate, Defend Their Role In Newsrooms

A handful of top social media editors and experts defended the relevance of their newsroom roles on Friday in light of a BuzzFeed article that declared "the social media editor is dead."

Top Digital Publishers Praise Yahoo’s Tumblr Deal

Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr has dominated the tech headlines this week, so it should come as no surprise that a panel of Web publishing luminaries discussing the future of media on Thursday weighed in on the portal's recent mega purchase.