House And Home

Help random babies crawl across the nation

"We cannot stand, but we stand for something." That's the theme of the Million Baby Crawl, an eco-awareness campaign from Seventh Generation, a maker of non-toxic household products. The Web […]

Mohawk carpets can handle epic food spills

This new ad by Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee, for Mohawk carpets, uses nifty special effects to show a chaotic moment frozen in time inside a family's home, with all sorts of […]

Maytag cleans you up after the giant waffles

What were the chances of Maytag producing an entertaining ad with personality-impaired "repairman" Clay Jackson? I'd have said zero, but the appliance maker proves me wrong with this obstacle course […]

Oven Pride ad not sexist so much as idiotic

This Oven Pride spot has caused an uproar in the U.K. Set to nursery-school music, it features a husband learning a lesson in the kitchen as the announcer keeps repeating, […]

Pam helps your bratty spawn rule the roost

This spot from DDB San Francisco for ConAgra's Pam cooking spray seems stuck in an Eisenhower-era time warp. The cupcakes are sticking to the pan? So what? You've come a […]

U.K. turns nose up at poo-centric Glade ads

The British have been making a stink lately over SC Johnson's advertising for its Glade Touch'n Fresh bathroom air fresheners. Every ad, it seems, features a child whining about his […]

Turn your baby into a real cleaning machine

Here's a commercial for the Baby Mop, a piece of clothing outfitted with mop-like material that allows your little one to clean as he crawls. "After the birth of a […]

Your entire house can smell like Christmas

For those who can't get enough of the holidays, Febreze introduces a limited-edition line of scents (available in sprays, candles and so on) that make the whole house smell like […]

C-K floating the idea of lighter CorningWare

Cramer-Krasselt introduces the concept of lighter CorningWare in this commercial, which shows dinner guests levitating around a room. See Adweek's writeup here. The point: that the company's SimplyLite line is […]