Hot Pockets

Jim Gaffigan Was an Adman and Has a LinkedIn Account to Prove It

It would probably be a totally buried, obscure footnote if his comedic peers like Marc Maron, Kristen Schaal or Todd Barry were products of the same career path. But there's Jim Gaffigan, posting his early to mid-1990s credentials as an Ogilvy & Mather copywriter on LinkedIn.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg’s New Hot Pockets Video Arrives Fully Baked

Two premium meats—Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg—team up for this wildly ludicrous new music video for Hot Pockets, which humorously remixes Biz Markie's 1989 hit single "Just a Friend (You Got What I Need)" as "You Got What I Eat." Lines like "I need your hot buttery crust" and "It's my premium meats that make your lips sing a song" are mixed in with lots of marijuana references and psychedelic imagery to produce a crispy finished product that's both fake and flavorful—just like Hot Pockets. "I love working with the Hot Pockets sandwiches team," Snoop says in a statement. "They let me do what I do and bring the funk out with their message, you know? We needed to top [previous video] 'Pocket Like It's Hot,' and this video is so dope. It's funnier, and we got the flyest girl in it with me." "I love the premium meats and the buttery seasoned crusts of the new Hot Pockets sandwiches," adds Upton. "I'm excited to hear which side the fans pick in this IRRESISTIBLY HOT™ battle!" She's referring to a public vote being held at pitting #TeamCrust against #TeamMeat in a battle to the death over which Pocket part is preferable. Full lyrics below.

YouTube Star Tobuscus Forced Into Making Insane Musical Ad for Hot Pockets

Stand-up comedian, actor, songwriter and noted YouTube personality Toby "Tobuscus" Turner made this fourth-wall-shattering musical ad for Hot Pockets in which he is bullied by an unseen voiceover into singing about the new Cuban Style and Spicy Beef Nacho flavors. God help us all, Spicy Beef Nacho? I can already hear my toilet crying.

YouTube’s 20 Most Watched Ads of 2012

Nike, Pepsi and Volkswagen, three global marketers that are old pros at creating blockbuster video content, produced the three most-watched commercials on YouTube this year, according to the video site's 2012 Ads Leaderboard—a list of top branded spots with at least as many organic views as paid views throughout the year.

Snoop Wants You to ‘Pocket Like It’s Hot’

The newly christened Snoop Lion, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg, is back and has remixed his 2004 hit song "Drop It Like It's Hot" into "Pocket Like It's Hot" for none other than Hot Pockets.

Hot Pockets only yearning to be eaten freely

You always knew it was wrong to eat a Hot Pocket. That massive injection of hot meat and cheese, known to function like a bowl of Colon Blow, just couldn't […]