Holidays marketing

These Data Visualizations Show What Was Hot on Facebook and Instagram Over the Holidays

Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Instagram chatter revolved around the holidays in December, with Christmas and New Year's topping the list of hot topics. But there were a few surprises: for one, Christmas sweaters popped big-time on Instagram. 

Amazon Has a Great Strategy to Lure Consumers to Echo: Exclusive Holiday Deals

Amazon just gave a preview on how it's bringing voice-recognition deals to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Tweet at Sheraton If Your Flight Is Delayed, and You Could Win a Drone

Through the end of December, Sheraton wants travelers to tweet with the hashtag #delightdelaysweeps to its Twitter account for the chance to win a bevy of prizes.

Home Depot Teams With Uber to Deliver Christmas Trees

Home Depot has partnered with Uber to deliver Christmas trees tomorrow in the following 10 markets: New York; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Boston; Atlanta; Dallas; Chicago; San Diego; Los Angeles; and San Francisco.

RadioShack’s Holiday Emails Will Change in Real Time

Attention holiday shoppers, your emails are now targeting you in real time—at least if you've signed up for RadioShack's messages. The electronics retailer will use Movable Ink's technology that allows marketers to set time parameters on emails, so the content changes according to what time of day they are opened. 

Millennials Are Nearly 4 Times More Likely to Shop on Black Friday Than Boomers

Baby Boomers are hardly gearing up for Black Friday, while perhaps surprising, more than a quarter of millennials plan to hit the mall hard next week.

Infographic: Holiday Guide to Mobile Marketing

With Thanksgiving only 10 days away, how will mobile will affect in-store and e-commerce sales during the holiday season?

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

Thanksgiving may still be two weeks away, but the trickle of holiday commercials this week became a torrent, especially from retailers in Britain, who take their Christmas advertising responsibilities very seriously. 

Retailers Hope to Bag Rivals’ Customers on Twitter

Google “conquesting” has long been an e-commerce practice where marketers buy ads targeted at consumers searching for other brands’ products. But for holidays 2013, ’tis the season for poaching customers on a particular social platform that just went public.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

It's been a particularly strong week for commercials. But which one was the best?