Will the NHL Stoke More Interest in Its 2015 Winter Classic by Going With Epix over HBO?

Every New Year, the National Hockey League takes one of its regular-season games outdoors—an old-school showdown in the freezing-cold elements. And this time, it's looking for innovative ways to draw fans to the Winter Classic.

How Obscure Holidays Help One Hockey Team Keep Fans Engaged During the Off-Season

Interacting with a favorite sports team on social media during a game can be almost as exciting as being there in person. But what about when the season ends, and there's nothing more to live-tweet?

NBC Buys Big Twitter Ad for USA-Canada Hockey Webcast, but Why Is It Stopping There?

NBC probably made a wise choice in buying Twitter's prominently featured Promoted Trend ad to alert folks about the USA vs. Canada hockey match today.

Sports Fans Slowly Move From TV to the Internet

For sports fans, nothing beats the big screen, with 94 percent of fans watching sports on TV. However, digital media are gaining in popularity. Sixty three percent of fans went online for sports content, up from 56 percent two years ago. Mobile usage jumped too, to 35 percent from 21 percent. Meanwhile, the use of traditional media like TV and print have declined.

Leo Burnett Honors Chicago Blackhawks With McDonald’s Hockey-Stick Fries

Would you like an NHL championship with that? Leo Burnett in Chicago found an appetizing way to support the Blackhawks during their Stanley Cup run this summer, creating a special bus-shelter display for McDonald's featuring custom hockey sticks shaped like french fries.

Nike Ad Scores as Fans Declare, ‘Hockey Is Ours’

Hockey die-hards should be stirred by this Nike spot that captures fans' passion for the game and, by implication, their displeasure with the ongoing NHL lockout.

NBC Sports and Yahoo Are in League

NBC Sports and Yahoo announced a deal on Sunday that gives NBC's digital and television properties access to Yahoo's sports reporting, and lets Yahoo in on some of NBC's marquee properties including the the holy grail: live streaming of Sunday Ni

Ad of the Day: NHL

When the Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup in 1988, Wayne Gretzky insisted on having a team photo taken on the ice—with not just the players but management, coaches, trainers, scouts and various assistants as well.

Flyers Fans Boo Cancer PSA With Rival Players in It

It's something of a sports cliché that Philadelphia sports fans never disappoint, because they always disappoint.

Canada Gets a Little More Violent in Spoof Tourism Ad

Canadian tourism advertising takes a violent turn in Jimmy Kimmel's faux commercial that uses footage from the riots in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup finals.