Heinz Is Skipping the Super Bowl, but Has This Idea for the Monday After

Sorry, "Weiner Stampede" fans. Heinz Ketchup, makers of last year's much-loved, dachshund-filled Super Bowl commercial, is sitting out this year's game.

Britain Banned This Sweet Heinz Ad, Saying Drumming on Empty Bean Cans Is Dangerous

We haven't heard much from the Advertising Standards Authority for a minute, but our fun-ruining homies across the pond haven't lost a step. This time, the British ad watchdog's target is a Heinz ad in which people use empty bean cans as drums—which nine viewers considered an unsafe practice that shouldn't be encouraged on TV.The ASA agreed with the complaints, and banned the ad, saying people could cut themselves on the empty cans. Given that the video starts with a tutorial on how to make bean-can drums, which includes taping over the sharp edges, I'd say Heinz covered their bases pretty well here.

Facial-Tracking Technology Shows These 5 Super Bowl Ads Were the Most Engaging

While most people were kicking back, relaxing and watching the Super Bowl over the weekend, software company Lucid and insights platform Qualtrics were conducting a study to determine the most […]

Ranking the Super Bowl’s Top 5 Animal Ads: From the Cuddly and Cute to the Downright Strange

No Super Bowl would be complete without a few furry friends filling the screen, and this year's Big Game was no different. The use of adorable baby animals has always […]

Heinz Releases the (Adorable) Hounds in This Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

Heinz's Big Game spot is going to the dogs—literally. The company today released its 2016 Super Bowl spot from creative shop David in Miami. The 30-second ad, part of a larger campaign called "Meet the Ketchups," is meant to introduce Heinz's family of condiments to consumers and will air during the third quarter.

Kraft Heinz Calls a Review of All Creative Assignments

When Kraft and Heinz united a few months ago, industry watchers expected an agency shakeout.

Heinz Is Very Sorry for Ketchup Bottle’s QR Code That Led to a Porn Site

As proof that time makes fools of us all, an out-of-date Heinz ketchup QR code sent unsuspecting German man David Korell to a hardcore pornography site. The code was part of a Heinz contest which let consumers design their own labels. That ended last year, and when Heinz let the website expire, porn company Fundorado stepped in and bought it.

Kraft Foods and Heinz Will Merge to Create a $28 Billion Grocery Powerhouse

The grocery game, already led by a handful of corporations with sprawling brand portfolios, is about to get a beefier new player.Kraft Foods and Heinz announced today they will merge to form The Kraft Heinz Company, with an estimated $28 billion in annual revenue and eight $1 billion brands.

CPG Marketers Are Going Digital With Loyalty Programs

Not long ago, packaged-goods brands were accused of being slow movers in digital. Now, that reputation is changing as more marketers enlist social media and mobile to link loyalty programs with real-world data.

Heinz Ketchup Hums Itself a Happy Tune in Its Return to the Super Bowl

Heinz Ketchup walks the line between humorous and heartfelt in its first Super Bowl ad in 16 years, an extended version of which hit the web Thursday.