Hefty Is Giving You a Break From This Terrible Election By Trashing Those Nasty Political Ads

If you're tired of seeing nasty political ads running across the internet leading up to the election, Hefty has a plan to wipe the web clean of them for the next few days.

John Cena’s Pecs Do Some Crazy Things in These New Hefty Ads

Strong trash bags at a low price point make John Cena's pecs dance with excitement in a new campaign for Hefty from Havas Worldwide Chicago. 

Teachers Say They Have Too Much Money for Supplies in This Sarcastic Hefty Campaign

Trash bag company Hefty and Havas Worldwide Chicago tackle a big issue—one that's more powerful than smelly garbage or nondurable bags—for the brand's new #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign.

Ad of the Day: Hefty Cups Turn Ordinary Moms Into Slang-Spewing Party Animals

They may have played beer pong with red Solo cups in 1999, but moms have upgraded to crack-resistant party cups in Hefty's sharp and funny new campaign by Havas Worldwide Chicago.

Hefty Is Now Sexing Up Garbage Men

Following the trend of hunky men peddling not-so-hunky products (like Liquid-Plumr and Kraft salad dressing) is Hefty with its new "Ultimate Garbage Men" commercial.In the spot by Havas Worldwide Chicago, super sexy garbage men in tight shirts drop all sorts of weird innuendos that make zero sense when discussing garbage bags. However, the presence of an actually hefty garbage man makes the spot kind of funny. Or at least funny enough to excuse the phrase, "And that gripping drawstring? So tight." Unfortunately, there's no redeeming the housewife making awkward expressions of arousal. Check out the credits after the jump.

Hefty Bags Are Great for Containing Hostile Alien Lifeforms

Jared Hess, the director of Napoleon Dynamite, last seen making ads for the Utah State Fair that Utah ended up hating, is back with a new ad campaign via Euro RSCG, Chicago, for Hefty Tall Kitchen Waste Bags. (It's the first work for the Hefty brand from Euro RSCG.) In keeping with the director's sensibility, the spots certainly are peculiar. Our favorite is probably the first one below, in which a Hefty Tall Kitchen Waste Bag is the perfect container in which to trap an alien and exhort it to return home. Two more spots, posted after the jump, feature hard-partying geriatrics and a giant, ravenous baby. Hess is repped by Moxie Pictures for commercials.