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Why Pharmaceutical Advertising Is Virtually Absent From the Web

Quick—think of the most recent digital ad you saw. Was it automotive? Retail? Most likely. Name almost any other category and the same probably holds true. Brad Weltman

Some of TV’s Best Fake Doctors Are Back to Get You to See a Real Doctor

Four decades' worth of TV's top doctors are finally sharing the same screen. The bad news is, it's an ad. But the good news is, the ad's pretty good.To encourage you to get an annual check-up from a real doctor, Cigna brought together an all-star team of fake doctors.We've got Alan Alda (MASH's Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce), Patrick Dempsey (Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy), Donald Faison (Scrubs' Christopher Turk), Noah Wyle (ER's John Carter) and Lisa Edelstein (House's Lisa Cuddy).The "I'm not a real doctor, but I play one on TV" shtick has been milked plenty of times before, but if you've been a lifelong medical TV fan, this one will probably give you a healthy dose of nostalgia.  

Pfizer and Allergan Agree to $160 Billion Merger, Creating World’s Largest Health Care Company

Two giants of the health care industry, Pfizer and Allergan, announced Monday that they will merge to create the world's largest drug maker in terms of sales. Pfizer will buy Allergan, the maker of products like Botox, for $160 billion. 

A New Spin on an Old Topic

Pfizer, like Dove and Prudential before it, has gone topical. The pharma giant’s new corporate image effort eschews gauzy TV ads in favor of a microsite ( where consumers can find and share third-party information about the vicissitudes of aging.

‘Wired’ Unveils Tech-Focused Health Conference

As the traditional print business slows, magazines are looking to other platforms to boost revenue. One example is live conferences, where Wired magazine has already seen success via its annual Wired Business Conference. Now, the magazine is partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to launch Wired Health Conference.

Newsweeklies Capitalize on Obamacare Decision

The media blitz surrounding yesterday’s Supreme Court Obamacare decision is far from over—especially among the weekly news magazines. Time is producing a special i