6 Stats That Show How Game of Thrones Slayed Social Media in the U.S. and Beyond

The social media build up to Sunday night's Game of Thrones season six premiere was colossal, and the buzz certainly didn't stop while it aired on HBO.

How This Punk Rocker Plans to Woo Bloomberg Media’s Sophisticated Audience

Specs Current gig Global commercial creative director at Bloomberg Media

New Episodes of Sesame Street Will First Air on HBO, Not PBS

Iconic children's television series Sesame Street is on the move, heading to subscription-TV network HBO, in a first-of-its-kind deal.

Study: Game of Thrones Leading the Charge for HBO Now Viewers

Cutting the cord has created larger viewership numbers for HBO, according to a new study by Amobee Brand Intelligence.

Will the Game of Thrones Premiere Be Spoiled by Periscope Pirating?

Game of Thrones fans are counting down the days until April 12, when HBO's fantasy drama returns for its fifth season. To tune in, they'll flip to HBO on TV, watch HBO Go on their laptops or tablets, or fire up the just-launched standalone service HBO Now.

Apple Shared Several Astonishing Stats Today That Have Nothing to Do With Watches

Apple's event in San Francisco today isn't only about the Apple Watch. CEO Tim Cook started the product demonstration with a quick update on some of the company's latest devices and services, and the numbers are rather astonishing.

HBO Will Finally Offer a Cable-Free Option Next Year

HBO Go has finally done what subscribers have been begging for since the announcement of the streaming service: It's dropping the cable-subscription requirement.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

Opposites attract, except when they don't, in this week's best commercials.

Ad of the Day: Watching Sex Scenes With Your Parents Is Weird, Says HBO

As someone who once, as a teenager, was watching this George Carlin bit when his parents walked into the room, I can appreciate SS+K's new HBO campaign, aimed at millennials, which rightly attests that some programming is just better consumed without your mom and dad around.

Biggest Game of Thrones Ever Melts HBO GO

Turns out if you just shrug when faced with rampant password sharing, your bandwidth takes a major hit during big-ticket episodes: HBO's wildly popular streaming service HBO GO coughed blood and keeled over (oh, come on, if that happened on the show it'd be the least violent thing on the screen) during the much-anticipated premiere of fantasy series Game of Thrones on Sunday night, l