Instagram’s New Tools Allow Users to Report Others Considering Self-Harm

Instagram has developed tools to help people considering self-harm, and as part of the new initiative, Seventeen magazine and Instagram are welcoming everyone with open arms with a new hashtag.

Brands All Use This Same Tired Joke on Twitter and It Needs to Stop

We've reached peak brand inanity on Twitter, and it seems to have affected—or infected—almost every marketer trying to capitalize on the top trending hashtag "five-word deal breakers."

Agency Creates App to Break the Cycle of Over-Hashtagging

You think you're clever, but you're not, with your #amirite, #notgonnalie, #bitchesbetrippin and (God forbid) #epic. You, wanton hashtagger, must be stopped. 

When an Event Is Brands Only, Are Hashtags Even Off Limits to Vendors?

When some people say #brandsonly, they mean it quite literally. This week, SocialMedia.org has been hosting a Brands-Only Summit, and while a vendor-free environment can certainly sound appealing, it can also create a bit of awkardness when enforced on non-attendees trying to participate on Twitter.Case in point: Here's a tweet from Whole Foods senior social media program manager Ryan Amirault:How many sales guys are going to mooch off of the #BrandsOnly hashtag? Lots.— Ryan Amirault (@RyanAmirault) December 8, 2013Shortly after, social media management service Sprinklr made the mistake of responding to one of Amirault's tweets from a #brandsonly session, and the company included a link to one of its recent blog posts:@RyanAmirault Focus on good ideas, the rest will work itself out #brandsonly #content http://t.co/Ik39Thvwq3— Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) December 10, 2013Amirault told Sprinklr to cut it out:@Sprinklr #brandsonly, please don’t mooch the hashtag.— Ryan Amirault (@RyanAmirault) December 10, 2013Sprinklr responded, noting that it actually had employees at the event: @RyanAmirault Not trying to mooch Ryan, just trying to share. We are actually at Brands Only as well. Hope you're enjoying! — Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) December 10, 2013But Amirault still felt the vendor's tweet was out of line:@Sprinklr nope, you are mooching. Cut it out.— Ryan Amirault (@RyanAmirault) December 10, 2013So I asked Amirault whether he felt the hashtag should be limited solely to non-vendors attending the conference:@RyanAmirault So in your opinion, who should be allowed to use the #brandsonly hashtag without it coming across as mooching? Attendees only?— David Griner (@griner) December 11, 2013Here's the conversation that followed:

Coke Zero Mother’s Day Twitter Stunt Lets Forgetful Sons Off the Hook

Attention, forgetful sons: If you wake up this Sunday and realize you didn't get your mom anything for Mother's Day, don't panic. Coke Zero will be there for you.

Marketers Cheer Facebook’s Reported Hashtag Adoption

Facebook may soon add hashtags to its service, according to reports published Thursday by The Wall Street Journal and

FCC’s #AskJulius Chat Turns Into No Chat

The Federal Communications Commission chairman's first foray into social media bombed today as Julius Genachowski—set to take questions via a Twitter chat at 1:30 p.m. for a half hour—failed to show for the first 20 minutes.Apparently, Genachowski wasn't tagging his answers with the #askjulius hashtag that participants were using to send him questions.