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Are You a Felon? According to Google, You Just Might Be

For the record, Pete Kistler—age 26, resident of New York, brown hair, slender build—is not a felon. The problem is, until recently, just about anyone who Googled him would have thought he was.

Love Has Changed the Dog Biscuit Business

Among Rodney Dangerfield’s innumerable one-liners was one complaining about his new pet dog: “His favorite bone is in my arm!” (Hey, it was funny in the ‘80s.) It’s anyone’s guess where the popular association between dogs and bones began. Thoreau wrote about it, as did Jack London.

Do Native Ads Work?

Native ads are the buzzword of the moment in digital advertising, as many content publishers see them as the answer to the disappointments of standard display ads. Their champions say ads that are disguised as content have higher click-through and engagement rates than intrusive banners because they’re contextual and have quality content.

Mobile, Facebook App Users Prefer Ad-Supported Versus Paid

Of Facebook’s nearly 1 billion users, 235 million play games on the social network, and the App Center it launched in May attracts 150 million users each month.

Amazon Recommending Offers? Cool. Facebook? No Thanks

Consumers are twice as comfortable with Amazon using their purchase history to target their offers compared to Facebook employing user profile data to do the same, according to a new research study by Harris Interactive.