This Popular YouTuber Gets Painfully Personal in a New Book About Her Real Life

Hannah Hart's fans probably know her pretty well. After all, the YouTube star has uploaded 529 videos in the past five years. However, there have been some things she hasn't been ready to discuss with them—until now.

This Copywriter’s Ad About Motherhood Was So Touching, It’s Now a Children Book

In January 2014, Boba, a small Colorado company that makes baby carriers and accessories, posted a video online—created by Futuristic Films—that would prove to be one of the most popular ads ever made about motherhood.Titled "You Made Me a Mother," it featured a voiceover that was a visual poem of various moms each talking to their child—recounting their journey together from pregnancy through the first few years of their child's life.

Now You Can Get In on the Facebook Ad Network That Made Millions for the Kardashian Game

Facebook is taking the wraps off its mobile ad network after saying the early results helped lead to big gains for apps like Shaza

The Duck Dynasty Robertsons Are Putting Out a Bible

Yes, there is going to be a Duck Dynasty Bible.

Southern Comfort

Across the South, the start of fall can only mean one thing: college football, and along with it the time-honored tradition of tailgating. Riding the enormous popularity of the weekend ritual, Southern Living recently kicked off its own tailgating season.