Created for Election Season, This Website Lets You Vote for Your Favorite Political Memes

How do you feel about Donald Trump barfing Snapchat rainbows? Maybe you prefer Ted Cruz accidentally hitting a kid in the head with a football or a classic Hillary Clinton face swap with Trump. Whatever your preference is in political memes, there's now a website where you can vote for your favorites thanks to digital agency Big Spaceship.

AT&T’s Hackathons Help Foster Digital Innovation

The word hacker may have a negative connotation, but AT&T wants to show the world how it can lead to positive innovation.

Salesforce Adds $1M Prize in Disputed Hackathon

Cloud software platform Salesforce, following a review of its contest rules, awarded two top $1 million prizes in its hackathon, which had come under intense scrutiny after the original winner appeared to have violated guidelines.

Winner of Salesforce’s Hackathon Is Under Fire

The integrity of Salesforce’s hackathon event this week is being questioned after it was revealed that the winner, a former employee of the sponsor, may have built the app outside the acceptable timeframe.