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Powerful Anti-Violence Film Wants You to Unload Gun Companies From Your 401(k)

Unload Your 401(k), a powerful three-minute film from Grey New York, takes aim at a new target in the debate over guns in America: the pocketbooks of firearms companies.

Are Retailers Selling Violent Content to Children?

Here's some new data sure to stir the debate over the impacts of media and entertainment violence on children.

Hey Washington! Where Are All The Issue Ads?

Given the abundance of debate over major issues such as gun control and sequestration, it would be easy to assume Washington is pumping out issue and advocacy ads. Well, you know what they say when you assume.

TV, Movie Industries Launch Campaign Addressing Violence

Fulfilling a promise made to Vice President Joe Biden that they would be part of the solution to curb gun violence, the television and film industries on Wednesday launched a multimedia campaign to inform parents of the tools they can use to manage what children see on TV and in the movies.

Comcast Bans Gun Ads

Comcast Spotlight, the local sales arm of the cable giant, will no longer accept ads for guns. And no, the policy change has nothing to do with the ongoing gun violence debate in Washington.