Ad of the Day: Extra Gum Wraps Up One of the Year’s Sweetest Love Stories

It took an extra long time—more than two years—for Wrigley's Extra Gum to release a follow-up its massively popular "Origami" ad, which, you may recall, told the story of a father and daughter with silvery gum-wrapper swans playing a key role.

DDB Adds Another Mars Brand

Gum, candy and now pet food.

Does Chewing Gum Make You Look Like a Fool? Brand Tests Identical Twins to Find Out

Here's an unusual two-for-one deal from Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi for Beldent gum. The Mondelez brand, known as Trident in the U.S., staged "Almost Identical," a social experiment/marketing installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, ostensibly to disprove the myth that gum chewing gives a bad impression.

Trident Gum Airs Its Own TV Commercial Made From a Single Vine

Traditional TV may soon be overgrown with Vines.

Universe’s Most Indulgent Gum Gets a TV Commercial to Match

Stimorol Sensations, a South African gum that appears to be the same thing as Trident Layers, claims to be the most indulgent gum in the universe. In its latest spot by Ogilvy Cape Town, an office drone pops the layered gum, slips away into an indulgent fantasy of synchronized swimmers and fruit waterfalls that cop a feel, and, of course, walks across water to play a saxophone duet with a parrot. The whole thing was put together using an indulgent set that included 30 tons of pink goo. Check out the behind-the-scenes video for shots of the set and a delightfully unenlightening interview with the quirky director, Trevor Clarence. Credits below.

Stride Gum Makes a Gaming App That You Control by Chewing

"Everyone wants to control video game characters by chewing. Right? Right?!" Working off a brief that apparently read something like that, Stride Gum, Wieden + Kennedy London and Johnny Two Shoes have launched Gumulon, which uses the front-facing cameras of iOS devices to detect your mouth movements. By chewing, you can make a helmeted alien named Ace jump around to avoid the clutches of a prehistoric cave beast. Once Ace gets eaten, the camera take a shot of your crazily chewing face, which you can share on social media. (That's an improvement on the barf faces some party hearties like to send around.) Gumulon is available for free in the App Store because, really, who would pay for such a thing? It can also be played by tapping iPhone, iPad and iPod touch screens, so those with lockjaw won't miss out. Where will it end? Silicon Valley investors may soon be lining up to back Belchulon, SpitScreen! and Musical Toots—at all of which, by the way, I'd be unbeatable.

Orbit Gum Helps You Vanquish Giant Annoying Talking Meat and Potatoes

I've had way worse airline seatmates than the annoying, anthropomorphized, Jinx-playing serving of meat and mashed potatoes depicted in Energy BBDO's new commercial for Orbit gum. Beats getting stuck with ad-sales types ranting about CPMs, or bloggers with their sweaty palms and sad eyes. A second spot, set at a race track, features an outsized, whiny helping of nachos that would've been great as a '70s Dr. Who villain, intent on conquering the world by giving mankind indigestion. These latest helpings in the "Don't let food hang around" campaign are amusing—the costumes and makeup are, as always, fantastic—but they don't quite match the inspired culinary absurdity of that earlier spot in which a giant pita sandwich answers its cellphone "Falafel!" and ends the call with a deadpan, "Love you too." Classic! The challenge moving forward is to keep the campaign fresh, lest the talking-food joke repeats on you and spoils the fun. Credits below.

Gum Election 2012: Stick It to the Candidate You Hate the Most

In the event that your polling place was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, you can still vote for president early by smearing gum on the candidate you hate the most.

Mentos Are Great for Covering Up Your Naughty Bits

After the fake Mentos commercial we enjoyed yesterday, it's time for the real thing—a new print campaign by The Martin Agency for Mentos Pure Fresh gum. Four new ads have been produced for specific magazines, with their content mirroring that of the publications—with Mentos inserting itself into the otherwise unsavory situations and making the product pitch. "Look, we have gum!" the ads cry. (They "spotlight the juxtaposition between the innocent quirkiness of Mentos and the not-so-innocent content of the ads," the agency tells us.) The ad above will run in Maxim. Three more ads are posted after the jump. "Wardrobe Malfunction" and "Pants" will run in InTouch, People and Us Weekly, while "Streaker" will appear in ESPN The Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Credits also posted after the jump.

The Spot: Chewing Is Believing

IDEA: For years under JWT, Stride was "the ridiculously long-lasting gum." Wieden + Kennedy in London, which took over U.S. ad duties in December, felt that positioning had lasted a bit too long—that the product benefit had been encroached by rivals. W+K decided to explore the emotional benefits of gum instead.