Grey Goose

Grey Goose and Chase Are Sponsoring Andy Roddick’s U.S. Open Periscope Livestreams

If you want to listen to Andy Roddick as he Periscopes the U.S. Open in the coming days, Grey Goose vodka and Chase are making it happen for you.

Ad of the Day: Grey Goose Boards a Dirigible in One of the Year’s Most Fantastical Spots

Movie night with friends reaches epic heights in Grey Goose's latest chapter of the "Fly Beyond" campaign from BBDO. 

Why Bother Advertising Alcohol?

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves surveys the vodka vendors

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Ad of the Day: Grey Goose’s François Thibault Is Vindicated in WPP’s ‘Fly Beyond’ Campaign

Making vodka in wine and cognac country? Mais non! Or actually, mais oui!

Bacardi Is Mindshare’s 3rd Big Win This Year

Mindshare’s Bacardi win in the U.S. comes on the heels of a couple of other significant prizes so far this year.

Bacardi Issues RFP for U.S. Media Business

The request for proposals that Bacardi USA distributed to interested agencies in the company’s U.S. media review is due back in the next few weeks, according to sources. Yes, Bacardi’s review is in its early stages. Still, the maker of rum, vodka and gin expects to complete its search by the end of March. Ark Advisors in New York is managing the process.

Inside R/GA’s ‘Hotel Noir’ Strategy

Add Grey Goose to the list of brands hiring popular Instagrammers to help get its message out.

Sapporo Taps KSL Media to Help Increase its U.S. Presence

In a move intended to broaden its footprint in the American market, Sapporo has selected KSL Media to undertake its media buying and planning efforts in North America.

First Mover: Lyle Tick

What will you miss most about agency life? Thinking every day about multiple categories and multiple brands. It takes a bit of mental dexterity and a little bit of ADD to be good on the agency side. [But] that's exciting to come in and think about different categories and different challenges every day. It keeps you sharp.