Toyota storms our turf: high-school football

As if it weren't bad enough that Toyota crushed our proud domestic auto industry by making quality, fuel-efficient cars, the company now has to shame us further by stealing our […]

Pablo the Drug Mule Dog has cocaine blues

While "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs" mostly just caused stoners to laugh, the best anti-drug PSAs can really harsh your buzz. Think of the 2002 […]

Adobe shows off CS4 with cycle-of-life spot

If Dane Cook's character in the wildly successful Web series "You Suck at Photoshop" taught us losers anything, it's that Adobe knows how to advertise in the post-advertising age. (Yes, […]

Santa is skinnier, cooler with a Palm Centro

Get ready this Christmas for a newer, cooler Santa Claus. In fact, don't even call him Santa. Call him Claüs. So the story goes, Santa was sitting up in the […]

Diddy tries multitasking with new rap video

Killing so many birds with one stone, P. Diddy uses the above clip to advertise his new fragrance (called I Am King), try out for the part of James Bond […]

Bruce Lee, totally badass Ping Pong player

None of the big shots featured in Celebrity PingPong magazine would stand a chance in a match against a nunchuck-wielding Bruce Lee. This amazing viral video leads to a Web […]

Everyday bike heroes get in Droga5’s face

Droga5 really did its job with the Guitar Hero World Tour bike video, as the dorks are now crawling out of the woodwork. Not in adulation or in awe, but […]

Jason Sadler would love to wear your shirt

Is your ad budget a little crunched for 2009? Just call Jason Sadler. On Feb. 24, for only $55, he'll wear a shirt with your logo on it and do […]

Hatfield locks and loads giant hot-dog gun

If Hatfield Quality Meats and Philadelphia agency Red Tettemer have anything to do with it, we will have nuclear-powered hot-dog launchers available for between-inning use at baseball games in the […]

Some waterslides are more fun than others

With a Barclaycard, you zip through life with ease. There you are at the library, picking up some DVDs—then suddenly you're at the supermarket, snagging a banana. At least, this […]