Green marketing

4 Brands Unplugged for Earth Day to Brainstorm—Vote for Their Best Ideas

Ad agency Iris Worldwide yesterday invited clients to come to its downtown New York office to come up with marketing ideas the old-fashioned way—no Web, no email, no smartphone, no nothing.

Fast Chat: Green Seal’s Arthur Weissman

Most consumers are familiar with Energy Star, a government program that certifies that homes or products like a refrigerator or an air conditioner have met strict energy efficiency guidelines. But when it comes to everyday, consumable products like laundry detergent or cosmetics, consumers are on their own in interpreting the green claims made by the manufacturer.

Americans Are Tightwads When It Comes to Green Brands

As any politician will tell you, it’s one thing to get someone to smile and shake your hand and quite another to convince him to pull out his wallet. And as any brand manager will tell you, this maxim also applies to environmental marketing. Lots of consumers say they care about the planet, but try to get them to spend extra on eco-friendly brands.