Graphic Novels

This Agency VP’s Dream? Launch a Graphic Novel Celebrating ‘Badass Female Spies’

It's the last days of World War II. Cities are in ruins, and everyone—especially any Nazi hoping to escape retribution—is trying to get to anywhere that's not Europe. How will they escape? One word: Ratlines.

The Bacardi Story Is Now a Graphic Novel, Created by Two of the Industry’s Top Talents

What goes great with rum, besides Coke? A graphic novel, maybe?

Broadcast Still Trying to Find the Next Friends

On the heels of a 2012-13 broadcast television season in which the networks have failed to deliver a runaway hit, the Big Four and the CW are digging deep. But as is so often the case, the creative capital on display in this development season doesn’t seem to reflect the megadollars being spent in the pursuit of the Next Big Thing.