Grantland Founder Bill Simmons Reveals His Next Sports Site Will Be ‘The Ringer’

Grantland founder Bill Simmons is finally ready to unveil his next digital venture. This morning, he announced that his new sports and pop culture website will be called The Ringer.

How MTV News Is Trying to Make Itself Relevant Again for a New Generation

Dan Fierman remembers where he was on April 8, 1994, the day Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home.Fierman, like many other 20-year-olds in those days, first heard about Cobain's suicide from MTV News' Kurt Loder. "It's a brand that's very personal and meaningful to me," Fierman told Adweek.

Nate Silver: ‘Trump Has More of a Chance Than Bernie’ of Winning a Nomination

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5 Months After Bill Simmons Leaves, ESPN Finally Shuts Down Grantland

Five months after its founder Bill Simmons departed, ESPN has decided to shut down its sports and pop culture website, Grantland.

Without Its Respected Founder, What Does the Future Hold for ESPN’s Grantland?

Grantland has been a popular media punching bag ever since ESPN decided to end its 14-year relationship with Bill Simmons in May. With several other recent high-profile departures, the narrative has been one of turmoil.

#FreeSimmons Is Trending on Twitter in Support of Suspended ESPN Journalist

Grantland editor in chief Bill Simmons' profanity-laced rant about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell may have placed him in hot water with his company, but the public is showing overwhelming support on social media for his statements. The hashtag #FreeSimmons began trending Thursday in support of the suspended sports journalist. 

The League’s Steve Rannazzisi Is a Real-Life Fantasy Football Junkie

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Sportswriters Go Long Online

As any literary-minded technophile will tell you, the Internet has become a haven for lengthy, high-quality prose, with sites from the Awl to BuzzFeed regularly churning out 4,000-word stories. But it’s not just rambling book reviews and art-world treatises.

Information Diet: Ed Burns

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Hot List 2012: Digital Winners