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Sen. Cruz Puts a Hold Vote on FCC Chairman Nominee

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), the controversial lawmaker blamed for the nation's second largest government shutdown, is now taking aim at the Federal Communications Commission by putting a hold on a Senate vote to confirm Tom Wheeler (D) as chairman.

Now That Uncle Sam Is Back, What’s Next for the FCC, FTC?

Even before the last minute Senate-negotiated deal to open the government and raise the debt ceiling, there were signs that Washington was re-opening its doors.Within minutes of President Obama signing the deal that reopens the government through Jan. 15 and raises the debt ceiling deadline to Feb. 7, the Federal Communications Commission's website came back on line.

Angry and Inebriated? Why Not Drunk-Dial Congress?

Government shutdown driving you to drink? Maybe now's a good time to drunk-dial Congress. Revolution Messaging, a mobile advertising firm that reps political clients, probably had some free time during the shutdown, so the team invented a platform that allows you to randomly dial a member of Congress and start screaming.

Shutdown Continues to Trash Political Party Brands

The political sniping in Washington over the government shutdown continues to wreak havoc on both the Democratic and Republican party brands.

Study: Shutdown Savages Party Brands

In what should come as a surprise to no one, both Democrat and Republican party brands are taking a hit during the government shutdown. Brand research firm Brand Keys has quantified the hit to each political party and found that while both are suffering, the GOP brand could actually be affected more negatively.

Will Advertising Take a Hit From the Shutdown?

The longer the federal government shutdown drags on, the more likely that the advertising business will not only take a hit, but find itself in the crosshairs of corporate tax reform.