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Will Millennials Care About The CW’s ‘Archie’ Reboot?

As they try to break through the Peak TV glut and grab viewers, broadcast networks have been relying heavily on new shows based on popular intellectual property (IP), like Lethal Weapon, MacGyver and the upcoming Training Day and Taken.

The Tween Machine

Her toys have been relegated to the back of the closet. She knows the lyrics to every Katy Perry and One Direction tune. She finds Charlie the Unicorn hysterical, rates articles on Reddit and pens op-eds for AllyKatzz.

Social Messages Seek Out New Tactics for Teens

In the March 20 episode of Raising Hope, called “Poking Holes in the Story,” the mom, Virginia Chance, played by Martha Plimpton, borrows from her own experience as a teenage mother to try to persuade a young couple to wait before having sex.

Zombie Apocalypse Spreads to YouTube

The jury is still out on how YouTube’s 100 original channels strategy will pan out, but here’s one early conclusion: animation seems to work

OMFG: The CW Shakes Up Prime-Time Roster

Like someone joggling a Magic 8-Ball in order to elicit a more positive result, The CW has shaken up its prime-time schedule, sending four of its signature programs to new nights and prepping five new series.

Information Diet: Bethenny Frankel

Specs Age 41

Shake ‘N Bake ad destroyed Taylor Momsen

This Shake ‘N Bake spot, circa 1997, was the beginning of the end for Taylor Momsen. The future perpetually surly Gossip Girl actress and boob-flashing rock star was about 3 […]

‘Gossip Girl’ speaks abbreviated French too

It's good to see that several years in, Gossip Girl promos are still sticking with what works: wordplay and threesomes. The new promo for season 4, shown below, includes the […]

Dove finding real beauty on Upper East Side

While you might not immediately make the connection between Gossip Girl's uproariously shallow beauties and Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove will illuminate everything this coming Monday, April 27, with […]