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Maria Bartiromo Compares CNBC to Fox Biz, Discusses Moderating GOP Debates

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Why Today Is the Most Important Day in Fox Business Network’s History

Ever since its inception, Fox Business Network has struggled to gain a foothold in the financial world, but the eight-year-old channel will have its best opportunity to break out Tuesday when it airs the next Republican Primary debate.

The Average Viewer of the Third GOP Debate Lost Interest After Just One Hour

Wednesday night's GOP presidential debate on CNBC—in which the moderators got more attention than the candidates—

The GOP Debate Generated 1,273% More Tweets Than Jon Stewart’s Sendoff

Jon Stewart's Daily Show farewell on Thursday was not only upstaged by the GOP debate on TV—which helped Fox News shatter the cable new

Fox News Shatters Cable News Record With GOP Debate

Donald Trump may not be appreciating Fox News today, but Fox News sure has Trump to thank for giving the network its most-watched program ever.

National Crises and Reality TV Aspect Boost Debate Ratings

If you thought that this year’s Republican debates seemed to be getting more buzz than ever before, you’d be right.

Social Media, the New Exit Poll?

Ambitious Republicans with an eye to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are coming center stage as the early days of primary season descend upon us. CNN’s John King moderated the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate last night, while eager viewers were at the ready to give real-time feedback on outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.