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If You Tweet an Emoji at Google’s Account, It Will Link to Local Search Results

Google wants to understand the language of emoji.

Google Launched Faster-Loading Mobile Pages Today for a Bevy of News Sites

Google AMP officially launched today, and the search giant's new feature promises to help some mobile pages load more quickly and combat ad fraud.

Google Is Now Publishing Holiday Store Hours for Maps and Search

We've all been there: Drive all the way to a store to buy a last-minute gift...only to find your lifeline has already locked its doors.Google is trying to cut down on that recurring theme of the holiday season by making holiday store hours available in maps and search.

74% of Packers-Seahawks Google Searches Came Via Smartphone

During last Thursday’s Packers-Seahawks matchup, smartphones were used in 74 percent of Google searches about the game, per the Mountain View, Calif.-based digital giant. And 33 percent of football-related searches recently have come via mobile devices, too.

Facebook Mobile Ads May Get Tap-to-Call Feature

Facebook recently had preliminary talks with a tap-to-call vendor as it considers fleshing out marketing opportunities for brands on Facebook Home, Adweek has learned.

Google Enhances AdWords, Possibly Correcting Mobile Ad Rates

During Google’s earnings call last month, CEO Larry Page said he’s not sure when the company's mobile ad rates will equate with its desktop ad rates—or if they will ever even find an equilibrium, Page even suggested that one segment could alwa

$7 Per Facebook Fan? Seamless Is Cool With That

Seamless is offering Facebook users, Google searchers, general Web viewers and radio listeners $7 discount codes, attempting to drum up new customers during the brutally cold days of January when people might be tempted by its