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Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Follows Everyone From Matt Damon to Matt Drudge on Twitter

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Predictive Data Boosts Social Messaging by 91%

Real-time social messaging is most beneficial to brands in the media and entertainment sectors, according to SocialFlow's latest study that examined 1.6 million posts by brands.

Where Is Social Headed Next? Hundreds of Marketers Joined #AdweekChat to Weigh In

More than 750 marketers from brands and agencies of all sizes turned out on Twitter yesterday for the inaugural #adweekchat, Adweek's one-hour digital conversation about marketing and media.

How Are Social Networks Evolving? Join #AdweekChat to Weigh in With Experts

Sometimes it can feel like the world of social media marketing has grown stagnant, with Facebook holding the throne since 2008 and Twitter long dominating real-time discussion.

A Look Back at Google’s History of Social Media Failures

In some alternate social media history, the term Crush List is a verb—meaning to elevate a friend to the most prominent position within one’s social network. And somewhere MySpace founder Tom Anderson is cursing the name Orkut Buyukkokten—not Mark Zuckerberg.

Study: Teens Are Not Fleeing Facebook

Who says Facebook doesn’t still have its youth? Almost 80 percent of teens are there, and they are more active on the social network than any other, according to a new survey of 12- to 17-year-olds.

How Social and Email Helped Mazda’s Limited-Edition Preorders Sell Out Crazy Fast

Mazda bet big on social and email to tap into the classic roadster’s fervid fan base for its first all-digital pre-sale event to build buzz around a line of limited-edition MX-5 Miata cars.

Social Networks Are Kingdoms at War in Beautifully Crafted Game of Thrones Homage

If you love nerding out about social media almost as much as you love nerding out about Game of Thrones, then have I got the video for you.Social media management service HootSuite created the astoundingly well-produced promotional clip below, called "A Game of Social Thrones" and crafted in the style of HBO's opening sequence for the fantasy epic, returning to TV this Sunday for its blood-drenched fourth season.In HootSuite's version, the Seven Kingdoms are reimagined as the major social networks, with Facebook's high walls and Twitter's tower encircled by chirping fauna. Digital wonks will especially enjoy how each company's related services (YouTube for Google, Instagram for Facebook, etc.) are arranged like nearby bannermen.Most self-promotions are works of attention-seeking desperation. This one's practically a work of art.UPDATE: HootSuite tells us the video was largely an in-house production, with the help of an outside motion designer and composer.CREDITSProducer/Director: Evan Aagaard, HootSuite Lead Animator/Motion Designer: Clément Morin Music Composer: Etienne Forget Executive Producer: Cameron Uganec, HootSuite Concept: Evan LePage, HootsuiteAlso worth checking out again: HootSuite's "Social Media Winter Is Coming" infographic from last year—"a visual representation of the quiet battles being fought between many social networks, who were building walls and blocking access between their respective sites and apps." That's posted below.

Google Plus Just as Popular as Twitter in U.S., Study Says

Google Plus has the same number of U.S. users as Twitter and more opportunity for brands, according to a new survey from Forrester Research.

Percolate Raises $24 Million From Investors, Including WPP

Percolate, a social media management firm for brands to track online conversations, announced a $24 million fundraising round today.