Google Glass

Q&A: Diane von Furstenberg Is Tapping Into Millennial Tastes to Secure Her Brand’s Legacy

In the world of fashion, there are few figures as legendary as Diane von Furstenberg.

Google Exec Blames Google Glass Failure on Bad Marketing

During a South by Southwest keynote today, Google X's moonshots captain, Astro Teller, told a packed crowd that Google Glass failed because of the negative publicity it suffered from in recent years.

If You Search Google, It’s Painfully Easy to See Why Google Glass Needs a Reinvention

A simple Google search for "glass wearer" makes it abundantly clear why Google Glass as we know it is no longer available in the marketplace and is being moved under Nest founder Tony Fadell for an overhaul.

Sunglass Hut Focuses on Virtual Shopping and Google Glass Technology

Sunglass Hut's senior director of marketing Todd Borgerson caught up with Adweek at the Omnicom Media Group party on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show to talk about the tech that's most exciting to the Luxottica brand. A partnership with Google Glass is underway, and though it hasn't yet yielded fruit, Borgerson says he has high hopes.

Intel Will Reportedly Be Inside the New Version of Google Glass

Intel will craft the chip inside the next version of Google Glass, which could lead to a longer battery life and new workplace applications, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cited unnamed sources.

Jaguar’s Google Glass App Brings Print Ads to Life

Jaguar has a clever way to take you inside the plot of its latest villain-themed campaign. Today, the brand is linking print ads in Condé Nast's Vanity Fair, Condé Nast Traveler, GQ and Wired magazines to digital content through the Blippar app for Google Glass and mobile devices.

A Filmmaker’s Dramatic Spec Ad for Google Glass Is Getting Lots of Fans, Including Google

Can Google Glass help cross cultural boundaries and even save lives? It can in "Captions," a 4-minute short film promoting a translation app currently in development. Writer, director and editor Joe Sill of digital studio Everdream Pictures describes the cinematic clip as a "branded content spec ad," much like the team's earlier, unofficial Tesla spot, "Modern Spaceship," whose admirers included even Tesla CEO Elon Musk. And sure enough, the new video has also gotten some top-level corporate love, with the official Google Glass page giving it a share on Facebook. Sam Morrill, senior curator at Vimeo, also left a comment on the clip: "Interesting film. Really sharp look." "Captions" focuses on a Glass translation app that helps a photographer in the Mexican desert communicate with a boy who's been bitten by a snake. The mood and approach couldn't be more different than "Modern Spaceship's" effects-fueled flight of fancy. Washed-out, steamy visuals—shot on location at an orphanage in Mexico's San Antonio de las Minas—and naturalistic performances give "Captions" a gritty, documentary vibe. The slow-burn melodrama is engaging but restrained, and the low-key ending is handled just right. Ultimately, the film doesn't oversell its message. It serves as a credible product demo, and a thoughtful meditation on how cutting-edge technology can help people bridge gaps, gain greater understanding and get closer in the offline world.

Pandora Launches Radio App for Google Glass

Pandora has unveiled an app that lets users program music on Google Glass through touch prompts and voice activation.

Can an Agency of Early Adopters Learn to Slow Down?

CANNES, France—From the debut of the iPhone to the reveal of Google Glass, Resource Interactive has been one of the first agencies into the breach with branded apps. And while many envy Resource's culture of rapid adoption, the Columbus, Ohio-based shop now often finds itself with a counterintuitive challenge: slowing down.

Search Is Only at 5% of Its Potential, Google Exec Tells Cannes

CANNES, France—For all Google's accomplishments in the 16 years since its founding, the tech giant feels it has barely scratched the surface of its potential, even in a core area like search.