Google Fiber

With These Products, Google Is Beefing Up Its Push Into TV

When you do a Google search for "TV is dead," you get 338 million results. Daniel Alegre, Google's president of global partnerships, says he's "not going to be person 338 million and one."

Google Fiber May Have Created a Game-Changer: Real Measurement of TV Ad Views

Want to know exactly how many people saw your ad on TV? Want dynamic insertion? The answer has long been "tough luck." But now it's possible ... in Kansas City.

Bumpy Start for Oscars Live Streaming Initiative

ABC’s first pass at live-streaming the Academy Awards didn’t exactly go off without a hitch last night, as user demand knocked the service out of commission.

Little Girl Clearly Explains How Google Fiber Is Like On-Demand Birdwatching

Venables Bell & Partners is launching another campaign for Google Fiber, and it's already a little more interesting than 72andSunny's recent Google Chromecast work, which was basically watching people watch television. Dubbed “Un-Technically Speaking,” the new Venables push is taking the classic Star Trek approach of explaining a complicated thing with a simple analogy. In the case of the first spot, an extremely articulate little girl uses birdwatching as a metaphor for the Nexus Tablet's vocal command feature. I think that girl might be some kind of beta-level Google contraption, too. Her elocution definitely puts her on my “could be a robot” list. Credits after the jump.

Legacy Cable Operators in Austin Are Terrified of Google Fiber

The power dynamic will not shift overnight, but the newly announced launch of Google Fiber in the tech-savvy gulch that is Austin, Texas, has legacy cable operators shaking in their boots. And with good reason.

Austin Is Next Market to Host Google Fiber

Google on Tuesday confirmed that it has selected Texas’ capital city as the next market for its high-speed Internet service.

FCC Launches Gigabit City Challenge

Julius Genachowski, the Federal Communications Commission chairman who recently picked up the nickname "the spectrum chairman" must also want to be known as "the gigabit chairman." In his speech today before the U.S.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, sports tickets grew on trees, Olympian Usain Bolt stormed the streets, and Google found a detour around a traffic jam on the Internet super-highway.  Many of the hundreds of TV commercials aired each day are just blips on the radar, having little impact on the psyche of the American consumer, who is constantly bombarded by advertising messages.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Aug. 10-17

Google Celebrates the Fast and Furious Future of the Internet

This is a few weeks old, but worth a mention—the fun introductory spot for Google Fiber by ad agency Venables, Bell & Partners in San Francisco. Google Fiber is the experimental broadband network that Google is building using fiber optics—Kansas City, Mo., is the guinea pig for the first piece of it. The launch spot continues Google's now-familiar habit of using handmade, analog models as metaphors for digital processes. In this case, Internet traffic is depicted as actual traffic, with little cars caught in traffic jams during the dial-up era, accelerating somewhat with broadband, and then finally exploding in a frenzy of speed on Hot Wheels-like tracks with Google Fiber—set to an infectious instrumental version of "Just What I Needed" by the Cars. VB&P teamed with production company 1stAveMachine on the ad—the same pair that produced the well-known gyroscope spot for Google Maps. Check out some more videos for Google Fiber—which is supposedly 100 times faster than what most Americans have today—after the jump.