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Bomb Gaza and 6 Other Mobile Games Banned by App Stores

The Israel-Palestine conflict is playing out in app stores with games like Bomb Gaza being used as a new kind of information warfare. In fact, Google started pulling apps from its Play store that it found unsuitable for its mobile platform. 

Google’s Ad Dollars Keep Rising Thanks to Smart and Stealthy Moves

Advertiser spending was up about 20 percent at Google last quarter, and market experts said some of the company's strongest initiatives such as enhanced campaigns and shopping ads are helping—even if they ma

Marketers Are Ready for Google Android Everywhere From TVs to Watches

Google’s Android makeover gives advertisers new canvasses to reach consumers from TV search to smartwatch notifications to shopping carts. The company is showing off its latest upgrades at its developers conference, Google I/O, this week.

Retailers Are Finding That Data Vulnerability Can Undo Years of Brand Equity

Data breaches, as we have all learned, can be #EpicFails with far-reaching and destructive implications for brands.

Google Takes Analytics Mobile With App Reports, Android App

Google is bringing its analytics chops to mobile apps.

Does Google’s Developer Get-Together Matter to Madison Avenue?

Google this week held its annual Google I/O conference for developers, during which it showed off Google Glass X Games-style, unveiled its own tablet and streaming media device,

Google Launches Chrome Laptop Targeted at Students

On Thursday, Google will announce the sale of its Chrome laptop in a $20 per month deal targeted at students, according to Forbes. The package will include both hardware and software services, said a Google exec.