Golf Digest

Golf Digest Continues Its Quest to Make Golf Sexy

Is Golf Digest the new Maxim? Probably not, but the magazine sure has been making waves recently with a string of racy (by Golf Digest standards, at least) cover photos.

Condé Nast Launches Golf Digest Video Channel

With eight brands down, Condé Nast Entertainment is continuing to roll out digital video channels for the company’s numerous lifestyle titles.

Kate Upton Adds Some Sex Appeal to Golf Digest

Golf isn’t exactly the sexiest of sports. And unlike certain other sports titles, Golf Digest isn’t known for attempting to spice up its guy-dominated subject with attractive female cover models.

Golf Digest Brings Native Advertising to Masters Tournament Hub

Proving that native advertising can travel just about anywhere, Golf Digest is launching its first native Web ad that will use Adobe's data to track the social conversation around next week's Masters tournament in Augusta, Ga., while promoting its analytics services.

‘Golf Digest’ Teams With GolfLogix to Create Personalized E-Mags

Magazines are always trying to find ways to target their content to readers’ interests and needs. Golf Digest is taking that concept a step further with the launch of Golf Digest Live, a digital magazine that creates personalized issues based on the reader’s most recent round of golf.

Golf Titles Gear Up for Masters Tournament

March Madness may be the big news in sports at the moment, but for golf fans across the country, it’s all about April—and the Masters. The tournament, which takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club from April 5 to 8, is the official kickoff for the golf season, and the sport’s top publications are busy getting fans excited for the big event.

Condé Nast Teams Up With Fremantle of ‘Idol’ Fame

What is the rarified Condé Nast doing slumming with FremantleMedia, the company behind reality TV phenomenon American Idol?