Google Is Expanding Universal App Campaigns to iOS Developers

Google is opening up its Universal App Campaigns for iOS developers to use for driving app installs to Apple devices.

Gmail’s April Fools’ Joke Causes Many Users to Send Inappropriately Goofy Messages

     Google's April Fools' Day joke went awry and may have cost someone a job.  

Gmail’s Unsubscribe Button Could Be a Huge Blow to Email Marketers

How many times have you wanted to unsubscribe from a commercial email list but didn't want to scroll all the way to the bottom of a message and then have to click through to an opt-out landing page that would ultimately require you to click a few more times? Too many times to count, right?

The Top 3 Social Messaging Apps Among Smartphone Users

Facebook paid a staggering $19 billion for WhatsApp. While it trails Facebook as a messaging app in the United States, WhatsApp dwarfs Facebook in terms of monthly active users.

Should Yahoo Really Have Apologized to Google for Mocking Outage?

When Google services go down, apparently no one wins. Case in point: Competitor Yahoo is being called a coward for deleting tweets that mocked today's global Gmail outage.

Terrible Timing: Google Reliability Team Launches Reddit Q&A Just as Gmail Goes Down

In a truly painful moment of unfortunate coincidence, Google's Site Reliability Engineering Team launched a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") this afternoon, just as Gmail went offline for users around the world.

Google Might Want to Rethink Scanning Gmail

Google may want to rethink delivering targeted ads based on email scans. A federal judge this morning declined Google's request to dismiss a class action lawsuit that alleged Google's scanning of Gmail violates federal and state wiretapping laws.

Microsoft Campaign Leverages Google’s Privacy Woes

Microsoft's new marketing campaign for its email service is tapping into consumers' growing fears that their privacy is being compromised on the Internet. This being Microsoft, it's doing that by taking aim at its prime rival, Google, which scans Gmail messages to target users with paid ads.

Google Shows You Where an Email Goes After You Hit Send

Google takes us backstage with The Story of Send, which explains what happens when you send an email.

Google’s Facelift

Google is giving itself a makeover. Some changes come in the form of small tweaks, like the new addition of the black bar at the top of the browser page. Other projects have been full-fledged augmentations like the introduction of Google+.