The Wall Street Journal’s Social Vendor Says Facebook Is Not Suppressing Conservative News

Facebook's main news section, called Trending, has never been so buzzy thanks to a political web it allegedly weaved itself, with many critics crawling to the surface in the last five days. 

Nightly Show Host Larry Wilmore on the Difference Between Trolling and Lurking

Specs Age 54

4 Specialty Shops Trying to Make a Native Ad Land Grab

With marketers increasingly wanting to become content creators, a number of specialty shops are trying to get in on the business that publishers and brands also are laying claim to. Here’s a look at four of them.

Thrillist Is Launching a Tech Publication

At a time when men define themselves by their phones as much as they do their cars, Thrillist Media Group sees an opening for a new Web publication to help young guys shop for tech. Launching on Oct. 23, Supercompressor will take a broader lifestyle approach; it’s not for guys looking to tear apart their motherboards.

Ford Puts Blog Fans in Driver’s Seat

A few weeks ago, auto enthusiasts Clay Smith and Rob Scafidi were posting random comments on the car blog Jalopnik about the 2013 Ford Fusion.

No Charges for Gizmodo in iPhone Prototype Case

Prosecutors are letting Gawker Media’s tech blog Gizmodo off the hook for buying an iPhone 4 prototype after it was found in a Redwood City, Calif., bar in March 2010.

Social Media Background Check? Uh oh.

In May of this year, the FTC said a company called Social Intelligence could start conducting background checks on employees’ Internet and social media history. There was outrage when the decision came down, as hard partiers and borderline offensive jokesters started to mentally scan through every photo, tweet, and incriminating blog post floating around in cyberspace.