Netflix Really Wants You to Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival With Your Mom

The next time you sit down to watch TV, you might want to call your mom and ask her to join you. A new study from Netflix shows that 62 percent of mothers and daughters think watching TV shows together helps them build stronger relationships.

8 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

The past week in digital marketing stats was a bit of a mixed bag—but in a good way. Check out the eight data points below that caught our eye:

Giphy Is Serving Up 1 Billion GIFs a Day, but Is It Making Any Money?

The startup has 100 million daily users. Giphy It's official.

NBC Takes Over New World Trade Center Station With GIFs Promoting Superstore

NBC teamed with Giphy for a Superstore GIF installation that operates through Oct. 16. NBC

Laura Ingraham’s Awkward Salute/Wave at the RNC Becomes a Viral Moment for Giphy

Animated GIF hub Giphy has certainly been having its share of fun with this week's GOP Convention speakers, but one of its tweets has taken on a life of its own. While many of the anti-Trump crowd on Twitter mocked conservative commentator Laura Ingraham's awkward on-stage wave for its fleeting similarity to a Nazi salute, Giphy put in the extra work and turned the moment into a perfectly isolated and endlessly looping GIF.

Interscope Partnered with Giphy to Produce These Sublime GIFs for The 1975’s Latest Album

For the launch of The 1975's second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, Interscope worked with Giphy's artist community to create a few gorgeous GIFs—a nice boon, now that most of the social networks you care about support them. 

Ad of the Day: Giphy Ludicrously Whips Up GIFs in This Comical Faux Cooking Segment

If you're in the GIF business, you'd better have some loopy marketing. Thankfully, Giphy does. Here's the GIF purveyor's latest commercial—a pleasantly off-kilter spot, styled like a cooking segment from a talk show, for its funky new GIF maker. Here's the video description from Giphy:

Will GIF-Powered Emails Get More People RSVP’ing for Events?

GIFs have already overtaken brands' social media and online video. Next up: Email marketing.

Here’s Why GIFs Are Back In Style and Bigger Than Ever for Brands

Move over, emojis. As marketers look to navigate the changing digital video landscape, GIFs are becoming the go-to features for brands seeking better social-media engagement. DiGiorno Pizza starts embracing GIFs on Twitter. 

Sonic Tries All-Digital Campaign to Launch One-Day Limited-Time Offer

When it comes to social media marketing, few industries are quite as aggressive as fast food chains in testing new platforms.