George W. Bush

Remember the Segway? Here’s Why It Never Quite Took Off

As the fastest man alive, with 17 gold Olympic and IAAF medals in his trophy case, Usain Bolt was a man who could not be toppled. That is, at least, until the sprinter met Song Tao. Bolt had just won the men's 200-meter final in Beijing.

The Blanding of America

One of the most indelible and enduring images of the 2008 presidential campaign was candidate Barack Obama's logo: a simple, clean, blue "O" rising like a sun above a prairie of receding red stripes. The design was instantly iconic, evoking hope, change, and a new dawn--all major themes of the Illinois senator's campaign.

Hair-removal brand enjoys George W.’s exit

Not many companies can legitimately use the headline "Goodbye Bush" this week and have it refer to both the outgoing American president and their own product. Hair-removal brands are among […]