George Strompolos

Fullscreen Has Evolved Into a Full-Fledged Media Company in Just 5 Years

Five years ago, Fullscreen was just starting out as many multichannel networks have: as a conduit between YouTube stars who wanted to grow their own business and brands that wanted to reach younger consumers flocking away from TV.

These 4 Multichannel Networks Plan to Capitalize on the Cord-Cutting Generation

By now, it's a given that millennials—some of them having cut the cord, others never having had a cord to cut—are consuming an unprecedented crush of video content on a growing array of platforms and devices.

Launching a Subscription Service of Its Own, Fullscreen Joins a Crowded Streaming Market

The past half decade has seen the rise of the multichannel network, where thousands of creators produce hundreds of hours of content to satisfy millions of subscribers. They are video collectives built on the back of the free service YouTube.

Chernin Group, AT&T Set to Buy YouTube Network Fullscreen

Otter Media, the joint venture between Chernin Group and AT&T, is finalizing a deal to purchase a majority stake of YouTube network Fullscreen, Re/code reported. The deal reportedly values Fullscreen at between $200 million and $300 million.