Gawker Media Is Shutting Down Despite Univision’s Acquisition of Its Parent Company

After more than a decade of publishing content online, is shutting down next week, according to a post today by J.K. Trotter, a writer for the website. 

Lifestyle Site LittleThings Makes a Bid for Gawker’s Jezebel Blog

"Uplifting" female lifestyle site LittleThings is making a bid for another big-name women's media outlet: Gawker's Jezebel blog.

Deadspin and Jezebel Staff Members Are Writing Each Other’s Stories for April Fools’ Day

It's the first day of April, which means a few things: Baseball season—and by proxy warmer weather—is on the horizon, and brands and other companies will do their best

Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million in Lawsuit Against Gawker

Hulk Hogan may not be affiliated with the WWE anymore, but the pro wrestler pinned down Gawker Media on Friday.

What We Learned During the First Week of Hulk Hogan’s Gawker Trial

It's the kind of story Gawker would love to cover, involving celebrities, a sex tape and a multi-million dollar lawsuit. This time, however, Gawker just happens to be the defendant.

After Years of Trading Barbs, Hulk Hogan and Gawker Finally Go to Court

Over a three-decade career as a professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan made millions of dollars inflicting pain on the likes of Andre the Giant, The Undertaker and The Iron Sheik. This week, the WWE Hall of Famer is wrestling with a New York gossip blog in court, arguing the emotional pain done to him is worth at least $100 million.

Gawker to Become Politics Site in Broad Restructuring

Following a 2015 filled with upheaval, Gawker will look starkly different as it heads into 2016., which has focused primarily on the media world, will shift to covering politics, specifically the 2016 presidential campaign, under the direction of the website's new editor in chief Alex Pareene.

For Brands, 2015 Is Shaping Up to Be the Year of Positivity

Can a brand help improve a consumer's state of mind or even dare to make them happier? That's what marketing for brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Dove is attempting in 2015.

Tricked Into Quoting Hitler, Coca-Cola Suspends Automated Tweet Campaign

Coca-Cola has suspended its #MakeItHappy automated social campaign after a prank from Gawker had the brand inadvertently tweeting out several lines from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Where Will Gawker Draw the Line in Online Debate?

Update: Jezebel wrote on its website that because of its complaints, Gawker Media has disabled media uploads in comments and removed offensive post.