Gary Busey

Hitman’s Latest Campaign Set Garys (Busey and Cole) in Competition … to Get Assassinated

For Square/Enix's Hitman, a video game where players must assassinate given targets without getting caught, Omelet LA spent the first half of the year building a campaign that kills (literally! ... well, digitally, anyway). And it used that campaign to build actual gaming content. In March, for the game's release, Hitman built pre-rolls that let you murder the ad. The spot, titled "The Wolfshark," featured the aforementioned ("TV's King of Corruption!") and featured a "Kill this ad in..." button where "Skip ad" normally is. 

Gary Busey Likes Amazon Fire TV Because You Can Talk to It Like a Narcissistic Madman

Gary Busey's at his manic, unhinged best in WongDoody's spot introducing the $99 Amazon Fire TV set-top box.