GameStop’s Mobile Data Determines Brick-and-Mortar Inventory

Despite the flood of online and mobile games in recent years, GameStop remains set on owning the brick-and-mortar gaming space. But the retailer is leveraging mobile commerce with tracking technology like beacons to better understand why shoppers still like the in-store experience and which products they’re buying.

People Don’t Use TV Apps, and Mobile Gaming Is Set to Implode

If you spent any time walking around the various small cities that the major electronics companies erected last week at CES, you probably noticed how confident their executives were that the average consumer is set to have a much different, more int

Getting Kicked in the Crotch Is ‘Not as Bad as GameStop’

In marketing, you have to be committed to kicking your rivals now and then—and sometimes that means kicking yourself. In this painful-looking stunt, convinced a brave and/or foolish man to agree to be kicked in the crotch repeatedly at some sort of street fair.