Caesars Bets Cold Weather, New Ads Will Boost Online Gambling

As the weather gets chillier, Caesars Casino wants to let New Jersey residents know they don't have to leave their homes to try their luck: They can play online.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Lacoste unveiled the swipe-able polo shirt of the future, kids bemoaned Hurricane Sandy's effects on seaside amusement parks, and ESPN celebrated one of the world's great sports rivalries—in supremely colorful language.

Wanna Bet? Facebook Gambling Debuts

As if some folks haven’t found Facebook addictive enough, its users in the United Kingdom can now gamble. The U.K. is the first country to get offered real-money gaming on the social site.

Ad Suggests Laser-Guarding Ukrainian Women’s Private Parts

Bad news for all the hot women of the Ukraine and Poland: Your vaginas are going to need proximity alarms when England's soccer team comes to town.

Sex Pistols give up, approve song for TV ad

British butter lover John Lydon apparently is no longer the only Sex Pistol willing to cash in the last shreds of the band's cultural credibility. Now, the entire band has […]

Austrian betting ads revisit Zidane headbutt

If Nike set the bar for flashy spectacle ahead of this month's World Cup, then has done the same for stupid humor. The online gambling company has had three […]

U.K. bookie’s ads asking for your blind faith

Ads from U.K. bookmaker Paddy Power are usually mildly amusing in a stupid way, and this "blind soccer match" with all the players wearing sleep masks is no exception. It […]

Defeat odd faceless creeps at Full Tilt Poker

WongDoody takes a noir-ish, Twilight Zone approach in its new ads for Full Tilt Poker. The first, an oddball spot called "Assassins," tries to show that the site's pros are […]

Guys can live on online sports betting alone

This humorous ad for an Australian online sports-betting site sure knows its audience. "If you love sports, betting on things and the Internet…" Yes, God, that's me! Let me race […]

Responsible play doesn’t include giant balls

"Playing is fun if you don't push it too far. … Excesses can ruin everything, even the most innocent and safe games." That's the message of this weird campaign from […]