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Here’s the Extended Version of Nationwide’s Dead Child Ad, as Imagined by Funny or Die

Thanks to Sunday's downer Super Bowl spot, we all learned that Nationwide isn't exactly on the side of the angels. Now, the divine comedy of this "extended cut" parody from Funny or Die and director Alan Richanbach (who co-wrote it with Travis Helwig) drives that message home. ("Funny or Die," by the way, nicely sums up Nationwide's approach to its two ads on Sunday.) The shaggy-maned kid from the big-game commercial—actually, a kid actor playing the kid actor—shows up at the pearly gates, and whines on and on about meeting his demise in a preventable household accident.

Sarah Koenig Buckles Under the Pressure of Serial’s Final Episode in This Outstanding Parody

Fans are already preparing themselves to be disappointed when Serial releases its final episode tomorrow, a fact that Funny or Die has captured masterfully in its new parody.

Here’s What Jared Leto Had to Say to a Room Full of Tech and Advertising Leaders

Adweek recently gathered several creative and tech industry leaders at The Lot (home of Funny or Die) in West Hollywood for a frank discussion about the state of the ad business in the City of Angels. 

Jared Leto Headlines Adweek’s L.A. Roundtable

More than any city in the world, Los Angeles defines creativity. It is shaped by a massive entertainment industry, storied creative agencies and a burgeoning maker and startup culture. But its creative energy also is driven by the powerful intangibles of optimism and renewal. And with digital technology linking it not only to Chicago and New York but also South America and Asia, L.A.

And Here’s What Happens When a White Guy Walks the Streets of NYC for 10 Hours

If you haven't seen the video of the woman walking down the street getting harassed by gawking dudes in New York City, you should probably check it out. It's truly a despicable display of shameful behavior.

8 Big, Fat Stats From Advertising Week

Advertising Week wrapped up last night after four days of marketers discussing industry issues while revealing data that show how certain ideas are working. Below are eight impressive stats that caught our attention.

Pluto.TV Expands Its Lineup of Web Channels, Including Complex Media

Pluto.TV, a Web video hub with more than 100 channels, has added content partners to its lineup—Complex Media, Fullscreen, HitFix, Popsugar and SpinMedia.

Snapchat’s ‘Crazy Engaged’ Users Can’t Resist a Message From Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Nicholas Tran said Snapchat followers are “crazy engaged.” When the brand sends a Snap, 90 percent of friends who open a message view it in its entirety, and these can be five-minute-long digital photo-video collages, he added.

Funny or Die Reveals 10 Percent of Its Kik Fans Click on Video Messages

Funny or Die found a new way to boost video views.

Missing Mad Men? Here’s Christina Hendricks Trying to Work in a Modern Office

The final half of the seventh and final season of Mad Men won't premiere until next spring (although filming has wrapped—and according to Elizabeth Moss, there was a lot of crying going on as the cast shot the finale).