Steve Harvey’s Secret to Making 5 Shows at the Same Time? Relatability and Humor

NBC's Sunday night audience vanishes after Sunday Night Football concludes each January, so the network had modest expectations for the 18-49 demo performance of Steve Harvey's variety series Little Big Shots before it premiered in March.

How Celebrity Family Feud Became Summer’s Surprise TV Hit

Since the broadcast networks stopped going on auto-pilot during the summer months, they have packed the May-to-August portion of their schedules with high-profile projects in an effort to keep viewers from tuning out until the fall.

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Finds a Home at Starz

It's been rumored for years and now coming to pass: Neil Gaiman's beloved fantasy novel American Gods has a network ready to develop a long-rumored TV adaptation.

Self Launches Frozen Foods Line

With recent brand extensions, Condé Nast's Self magazine has focused on helping readers burn calories. Now, it's going to guide them in what they can actually eat.

‘Self’ Magazine to Launch Fitness Product Line

FremantleMedia Enterprises, the licensing and marketing arm of the company behind shows like American Idol and The X Factor, has brokered a licensing agreement between Condé Nast and fitness equipment manufacturer Cap Barbell Inc. to launch a line of Self magazine-branded products.

Cond√© Nast Teams Up With Fremantle of ‘Idol’ Fame

What is the rarified Condé Nast doing slumming with FremantleMedia, the company behind reality TV phenomenon American Idol?