Frederator’s Female Animation Project Raises Nearly $800K on Kickstarter

The people have spoken. There will be more Bee and Puppycat.

Mashable Partners With the Collective on Video Production

Mashable, the tech news and Web culture hotbed, wants to take its video output to another level. So naturally, the site turned to the guys behind Fred and The Annoying Orange.Huh?

Video Game High School Blends Gamer Culture With Classic TV Storytelling

Video Game High School (or VGHS as it is commonly referred to) is a testament to the power of crowdfunding.

The View Is an Increasingly Meaningless Metric

The numbers are in: Video Game High School 2 is a hit. I guess. Probably. Perhaps. Maybe.

Freddie Wong Wants to Build the Next MTV (Maybe)

Freddie Wong is one of biggest content creators on YouTube. His videos, which blend video game themes, action movies and cool special effects, have attracted millions of fans. And last year, Wong and partner Matt Arnold's original scripted series Video Game High School generated 55 million views. The show is coming back for a second season on July 25, with a bigger production and marketing budget. Expectations are high.

Collective Digital Studios Looks for Web Series Breakout With VGHS 2

The online ad world is practically begging for media companies to market Web shows like the TV and movie businesses do. At the same time, the industry is also craving a breakout hit comparable to the biggest shows on TV.Collective Digital Studios believes it might be able to check both boxes with the second season of Video Game High School 2.

YouTube Stars Struggle Mightily Off YouTube

If you talk to enough folks in the Web video industry these days, you might get the feeling that everybody wants to get off YouTube as fast as they can to start their ow

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Higa Win YouTube Comedy Week—Maybe

Did YouTube's Comedy Week, the company's attempt at a sweeps-like stunt aimed at exciting consumers and advertisers, work? It's hard to say. There weren't any runaway breakouts, at least according to the available data.

YouTube Phenoms Raise Record Cash

If you're a casual browser of the Web, or just a TV-first person, you might not be paying close attention to the torrent of original video content floating around YouTube. For brands, however, the throngs of madly devoted YouTube subscribers are becoming harder to ignore.

Dodge Goes Back to High School

Producing good branded entertainment content is tough. Producing branded entertaiment that young male gamer types will watch—good luck. But what if you just make your brand a character in a Web series, in a way that totally makes sense?