Fred Seibert

YouTube Is Changing Your Least Favorite Feature: Annotations

YouTube is finally retooling a troublesome feature, making it more useful for content producers and hopefully a bit less frustrating for users.

Meet Watch Awards Production Judge Fred Seibert

What’s the key to having a viral hit? Make sure that it’s funny, topical, sexy—and a little off-kilter, media mogul Fred Seibert explains.

The Story of Kids TV Mastermind Fred Seibert

Fred Seibert is sitting in his New York office, filled with Legos and comic books, talking enthusiastically about his first big failure.

Bee and PuppyCat Captures the Wonderful Weird Side of Anime

YouTube Network Frederator Turns to Kickstarter

The YouTube audience has proven potent when it comes to getting engaged fans to pony up their own cash to fund big projects. While it wasn’t exactly the fan-fueled rebirth of Veronica Mars, YouTube star Freddie Wong and his partners were able to raise over $800,000 earlier this year for the second season of the scripted show Video Game High School. Now another YouTuber is passing the hat on the Web, but not going after the gamer geek demo you might expect. Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover, the YouTube channel headed by animation veteran Fred Seibert, is launching a Kickstarter campaign today for Bee and PuppyCat, a potential female-centric animated series—a rarity in the animation world.

Frederator Studios’ Two-Season Hangover

The team behind the culty, slightly weird Cartoon Network hit Adventure Time is set to roll out Season 2 of the animated Web series Bravest Warriors.