How Le Labo Took the Fragrance Industry by Storm, After Starting With Nothing

On a recent afternoon in the Le Labo boutique on 29th Street in Manhattan, a well-dressed professional woman sought out the sales associate and wasted no time getting to her point. She was visiting from California, she said, and wanted to buy the scent (Tubereuse 40) sold only in New York. "We don't have that in L.A.," she said, sounding a bit pouty.

Men’s Fitness Lets Readers Sample Scents

Scent-loving guys will find a bonus in the November issue of Men’s Fitness: fragrance samples in the editorial pages.

Creed Has Storm Victims Covered

Amid the many groans in the wake of Hurricane Sandy last week were consumers complaining about how many brands apparently saw the storm as an e-sales opportunity and little else.